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Yorkshire’s Gaudi Crafts Pure Magic

It was whilst traveling across Israel and India that Allan Lake first became inspired to design handcrafted, sculpted wooden furniture. Full of design ideas, he decided to explore the technical side of furniture making and design with a HND and a BA degree at Leeds College of Art and Design.

Whilst at college, Allan’s unique ability to envision marvelous furniture forms came to the fore with the Earthwork Desk, an organic shaped pedestal desk, which exploits the natural contours, colours and grain patterns of waney edge burr elm.

An Allan Lake trademark, organic, magical forms grace his wide selection of eye-catching and entrancing furniture, from the fairytale charm of his Dreamscape Bedroom Suite to the teardrop shaped glass captured in the curves of the Wish Wood Mirror. As well as being visually stimulating, Allan’s work is designed to be highly tactile, drawing the touch with its rippling colours and curving shapes.

Each piece of commissioned furniture that Allan makes is unique to its owner. As well as drawing inspiration from the room and environment in which it will live, Allan finds out about the owner’s tastes in design, music and art, acting as both creator and medium to impart the owner’s character to the furniture design.

He then draws on his intuitive understanding of design, proportion and the qualities of native woods to make the envisioned piece come alive, where appropriate using stained glass, metal and coloured resins to complement and enhance the piece.

Allan says: “By combining traditional furniture-making techniques with innovative contemporary craftsmanship, I create pieces that offer both ingenious functionality and fascinating forms.

“For me, it is all about designing a piece of furniture that captures an event in time in my client’s life; something that has its own unique history and charm to be cherished by generations for years to come”.

As well as producing commissioned pieces, Allan has designed a number of stunning speculative pieces for sale including the hanging Orbital Drawers, organic shaped drawers symbolizing the functional world, encompassed by rings of yew representing the universe. He is also developing a portfolio of design ideas and sketches, which will appeal to clients looking for something unique and original.

Readers interested in Allan’s sculpted wood furniture should contact him on 07772447134 or e-mail you can also see more of his work at