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GOOD NEWS for ALL our clients (Relocation Agents, Corporates & their Assignees, Estate Agents, etc)

* Please open up our 'Furniture Request Form'. Print off a copy. Then save it as your own document on your computer. Complete the details and save again.
* See how simple it is to select the type and quantity of furniture needed, room by room.
* Click on the weblinks, room by room - see how quickly you can view pictures of all the furniture pieces & accessories (down to the last knife and fork!)
* Email the completed form (as an attachment) to marked for my attention (Iain Crichton) telling us (a) what items you want, (b) how long you want the rental contract to run for (1 month is the minimum rental fee) and (c) where and when you need the furniture to be delivered.
* We'll respond (usually within 1 working day) with an indication of monthly rental + a covering email giving you all the essential information you need to make a valued decision quickly and easily!
* All our clients (Relocation Companies, corporate assignees & private individuals, Estate Agents, Home Stagers, Investor Landlords and tenants) like this format because:
o They can choose furniture easily and quickly.
o We respond rapidly. Our quotations are easy to understand, with no hidden costs.
o We deliver and fully supervise the installation on site.
o We try to be flexible!

I hope this is useful. Regards
Iain Crichton - Client Services Director - The Furniture Rental Company. Tel: 020 7622 6223 / Mobile: 07976 293 463 / Email:

Renting furniture in London and the UK has never been easier!