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Eco Storage

Investing in eco furniture for your eco home is a great way of working towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. There are many ways in which eco products help in looking after the planet, and this applies particularly well to eco storage because it’s such a wide category.

Eco storage furniture

Whether storing toys, books or important documents, there’s a wide range of eco storage products you can use in your eco house.

Eco storage furniture, such as bookcases and cabinets, are made from sustainable materials which can be ecologically sourced. The most obvious example is wood. There are many different types of wood which can be used to make eco storage furniture, including hardwood, plywood and birch. To be classified as an eco product the wood must be sourced from a sustainably managed forest, and should be labelled FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified.

Other sustainable materials that can be used for making eco storage furniture include bamboo (which regenerates far more rapidly than wood), polypropylene plastic (a recycled plastic) and cork (stripped from tree bark).

Eco storage for your eco home’s office

There are plenty of eco storage options to choose from for filing away documents and other office stationery. Along with recycled paper for writing or printing on, most stationery shops will sell lever arch folders and archive boxes made from recycled cardboard.

Choosing to buy recycled boxes and folders as eco storage is a great way everyone can help encourage a more sustainable way of living and make use of materials that would otherwise be dumped in landfill sites.

Eco storage for your food

A lot of household waste comes from the kitchen; however, eco storage containers can be used to help reduce it.

Instead of throwing away uneaten food you could preserve it in the fridge. This can sometimes mean generating a new type of waste altogether, in the form of cling film, tin foil and plastic bags. However, there are eco friendly plastic containers available (including types made from polypropylene) which can be used to reduce both the amount of food and wrapping materials you throw away from your eco home.

The way you transport food can also be made more eco friendly. In recent years many supermarket chains have been encouraging customers to use reusable canvas bags (often made from eco textiles) instead of plastic bags for carrying groceries. Plastic bags are very energy intensive to manufacture and many don’t get recycled. So using a reusable bag for carrying your groceries to your eco house is another way of using eco storage to care for the planet.