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Top 4 Eco Flooring Materials for Your Eco HomeEco Flooring

Top 4 Eco Flooring Materials for Your Eco Home By

Eco flooring for your eco home needs to provide the perfect balance between comfort, appearance and, of course, the minimal impact on the environment. Read More

GOOD NEWS for ALL our clients (Relocation Agents, Corporates & their Assignees, Estate Agents, etc) By Iain Crichton - Client Services Director - The Furniture Rental Company.

When you next need a rental furniture solution, start by using our "Furniture Request Form" below. Itís easy to fill in and it enables us to give you a really comprehensive quotation really quickly. Read onÖ Read More

 A note about Baroque furniture.

A note about Baroque furniture. By

Some Baroque characteristics in Baroque furniture and art.... Read More

How to Decorate With Home Accessories

How to Decorate With Home Accessories By Kevin Rucroft

Home accessories can follow a specific style, or they can contrast depending on the desired effect that you want to achieve. ... Read More

Eco Storage By Eco Designer

Investing in eco furniture for your eco home is a great way of working towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. There are many ways in which eco products help in looking after the planet, & th... Read More

Some interior design advice for extreme cases. By

Some points to keep in mind when furnishing extremely reduced spaces. ... Read More